1000 calorie-burn exercise

Different exercises burn different amounts of calories. How many calories a workout burn depends on the intensity and how long you exercise. With that said, it is possible to burn 1000 calories or more.

HIIT workouts can burn 1000 calories and more

Cardio is the way to go. Cardio training burns the most calories compared to other exercises such as strength training and calisthenics. High-Intensity Interval Training is an effective form of anaerobic cardio. An added benefit of HIIT exercises is that they burn calories even after you have stopped exercising, thus increasing the number of calories you burn.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is one of the exercises you are advised to practice to lose weight. This activity can help you burn 1000 calories fast because skipping rope burns so many calories, and it is among the exercises with the highest calorie burn.

The best thing about this calorie-burning activity is that it is, first and foremost, fun. Jumping rope is not expensive as the only thing you need to buy is a skipping rope. Finally, it can be done anytime and anywhere since it only requires a little space. If you weigh 125 pounds, it will take you 100 minutes to burn 1,000 calories by skipping rope, and if you weigh 185 pounds, it will take you 67 minutes to burn 1,000 calories. Therefore, most people are advised to jump on the ropes if they are trying to lose weight.


Cycling is another fun but challenging way to lose weight, as it is known for how effective it is when burning calories. Outdoor cycling will help burn calories, but even stationary cycling burns as many calories as outdoor cycling.

An advantage of the stationary bike over the outdoor bike is that you can change the intensity as you want without relying on the terrain, the benefits of technology. This exercise involves a lot of muscle at once, and therefore it is an excellent calorie-burning activity. If you choose hilly and challenging terrain, you burn even more calories in less time.

Weighing 125 pounds, you will burn 300 calories every half hour, while when weighing 185 pounds, you will burn about 420 pounds every half hour.


There is a reason why many people always go for a morning run. Running is more demanding than jogging or walking, making it the ultimate calorie-burning workout. It is tiring as you have to drive at 5 miles per hour or faster to be considered running.


Swimming can help with weight loss. Like most activities on this list, swimming works so many muscles, and for this reason, it can be pretty tiring. You can burn 1000 calories in 100-120 minutes. The butterfly burns more calories than the freestyle. Another way to burn more calories while swimming is to swim in freezing water because the body burns calories to keep your core warm, and thus, in addition to the calories you already burn. In contrast, swimming results in more calorie burning.

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