20 minutes of exercise a day

Effective exercise in 20 min. Learn how to complete effective training by running in 20 minutes.

Exercise effectively for 20 minutes

Exercising effectively over a short period can be ideal for many in a busy finish. Exercising over a shorter period can make it easier to include exercise in a tight schedule while at the same time opening up opportunities to exercise more often.

In this article, you will learn more about completing effective training by running in 20 minutes.

Exercise in 20 minutes with running

Running is an effective way to exercise, and you can get the most out of exercising for 20 minutes. Plan how to carry out a training session where you divide the training into a warm-up, main part, and end. To have the best possible effect, you can, after warming up, have an interval session where you perform short intervals. The finish can consist of a brief period where you jog down and finish with a climb.

Effective training of 20 min and warm-up

Warm-up is essential to make the muscles warm and flexible to withstand better the strain of running short intervals. Perform 10 minutes of low-intensity warm-up before the interval training.

Effective exercise of 20 minutes with short intervals

Short intervals in this context are periodic running with high intensity, which extends over a short time or distance. The breaks between each interval should be straightforward. Short intervals are usually run with high intensity, around the anaerobic threshold, or somewhat lower. You can run short intervals in flat, rough, or ground intervals, such as downhill training. Running short intervals is something even beginners can quickly get started with. Spend 10 minutes on short intervals, where you can complete ten × 30-second intervals, with a 30-second break between each interval.

Effective training of 20 minutes with jogging down

Jogging down after interval training can help the muscles get rid of waste materials that have accumulated more quickly. The intensity of this training can be very low, continuous recovery training. Use 3 minutes for jogging down before ending with a climb.

Effective training of 20 min with ascent run

Ascent runs can further contribute to increased blood flow, making you recover faster after high-intensity training. In the same way that uphill running after long walks and other low-intensity running training helps cleanse and dissolve muscle tension in muscles, you will have the same effect when performing some uphill running after hard training sessions. Depending on how hard you train, waste products will accumulate when you train high-intensity running. Afterward, ascents will increase blood flow, which can help the muscles get rid of the waste products faster, which means that you recover more quickly. You can complete a five × 20-second ascent run, with a 20-second break between each ascent run.

20 minutes of exercise a day

Effective running exercise does not necessarily take very long, and twenty minutes may be enough to complete an effective workout. Be sure to warm up properly in advance, and train progressive short intervals, increasing the intensity within each interval, and from one interval to the next. Finish by jogging down, and complete some fast ascents.

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