20 minutes of walking burns how many calories

A brisk walk of 20 minutes is equivalent to about a mile and will require you to walk between 2000 and 3000 steps. Learn how to calculate how many calories you burn in 20 minutes.

By going fast, your heart will increase blood flow to the muscles, and you will get the most out of your calorie burn. Over time, you will benefit from better cardiovascular health, better cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

In other words, simply getting off the couch for a short walk has a significant impact on your lifespan.

Twenty minutes of walking burns how many calories?

To find out how many calories you burn, try the Verywellfit.com calorie calculator to estimate how many calories you burn when you walk. Choose ‘Search and Select activity’ and search for ‘Walking.’ Choose between ‘Very brisk,” brisk,’ ‘moderate,’ or ‘slow’ walking. Then decide how many minutes you plan to walk, and finally, your body weight in lbs or kg.

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