6 month training for half marathon

We understand why half marathon training can be a challenge; It is just over 21 km, and it can take hours to complete, but with the proper training, everyone can run a half marathon.

In fact, the half marathon distance is so affordable that your very first race can be a half marathon. No previous experience is required, but preparation is vital.

Why do you need an exercise program?

Most people can run 5 or 10 km with little or no training and still complete the distance. Not for a half marathon. Most people are surprised at how following a structured exercise program improves their chances of succeeding in a half marathon.

What a half marathon training program might look like

Be ready to practice running several times a week. In addition, you should also reserve a few days to rest so that your body can recover.

Most runners should run a weekly long run, a few shorter runs (sometimes fast workouts), alternative training, and recovery days during a training week.

If you are not used to high-intensity training, this is not the first thing you should start with. Exercising with high intensity and longer distances each week can be a recipe for injury or overtraining for a beginner. If you have already been training something with higher intensity, you can continue one session a week.

Ideal setup for a half marathon

The ideal setup for a 6-month training for a half marathon is:

Your week might look like this:

  • One long run (usually on Saturday or Sunday)
  • Three medium (5-10 km) races (one of these sessions can be speed training if you have more experience)
  • A day of alternative training (something other than running, but you should have something that gives you increased endurance)
  • Two rest days (one should be the day after the long trip)

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