Average fat percentage female

Learn more about the average fat percentage for women and how you can use a calculator to calculate your fat percentage.

The fat percentage for women

The overview below shows the fat percentage for women by age. The table shows fat percentage for underweight, average weight, overweight, and obesity.

AgeUnderweightNormal weightOverweightObesity
20-39 årUnder 21%21-33%33-39%Over 39%
40-59 årUnder 23%23-35%35-40%Over 40%
Over 60 årUnder 24%24-36%36-42%Over 42%

Estimate fat percentage for women with fat percentage calculator

To find out what fat percentage you have, you can use the SpurtFat fat percentage calculator. The calculator calculates your fat percentage based on age, height, and weight. There are two calculators, and one is based on statistical data, while the other is based on body measurements, such as neck, waist, and hips (women).

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