Best intervals for HIIT

Do you have some experience with interval training from before and want to take the step further? Then HIIT intervals can be something if you’re going to exercise with really high intensity.

What is HIIT interval training?

HIIT intervals are a way to train aerobic endurance, where you alternate between short intervals with intense anaerobic training and “breaks” where you train with moderate intensity. You maintain this training until you are too exhausted to continue. Although there is no specific duration of HIIT training, these intense workouts usually last under 30 minutes, with times varying based on an individual’s fitness level. The duration of HIIT interval training will naturally depend on the intensity of the intervals.

Think injury prevention when training HIIT intervals

As with all high-intensity training with running, you should think about injury prevention. The risk of injury will increase when you run with higher intensity, and with HIIT intervals, you run with almost maximum intensity. Therefore, it is essential for beginners who want to train HIIT intervals, complete short and few HIIT intervals initially, and have a gradual increase from time to time. Beginners should also consider training HIIT on slopes, as it will put less strain. You must do the warm-up correctly to warm and supple muscles when you start with HIIT interval training.

How to train HIIT intervals for beginners

Aim to complete 3-5 repetitions at 20-second HIIT intervals, with 10 seconds of moderate-intensity running between each interval. Carry out the HIIT intervals on slopes with a 5-7 degree incline. You may want to complete this HIIT workout after you have run a leisurely walk. Then you can be sure that the muscles are really warm, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Perform the HIIT intervals progressively, gradually increasing the intensity up to the maximum power. If you feel any hint of pain while performing HIIT intervals, stop.

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