Best recovery after running

Learn more about recovering as efficiently as possible after running for the best possible form of development and reduced risk of injury.

Why recovery after running?

When running, in varying degrees, be a strain on muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments, and you need to recover to rebuild the muscles. Giving yourself time to rebuild yourself physically and mentally when running is crucial for good fitness development and reduced risk of injury.

How to recover while running

To have the best possible continuity in your running, you can carry out recovery training as an alternative to rest. The intensity of this training must be so low that you do not interrupt the ongoing recovery process. If you are new to running or are unsure whether this will be a good recovery for you, you should instead take a day off. Recovery running can contribute to a faster blood flow in the muscles and faster transport of waste products. More oxygen-rich blood is transported to the muscle cells, making broken muscle fibers heal faster. To keep your intensity low enough, you should perform this exercise on light trails. Alternatively, you can walk uphill in more demanding routes.

What is the best recovery after running?

For beginners, you may want to have a rest day or more between each workout and otherwise recover as needed. When you are untrained, there will be an even greater load on your system, and consequently, you will need even more recovery. Let the body have gradual habituation to the increased load, which is in step with your body becoming more robust and better able to withstand an increased load. Alternatively, you can go for a walk to recover.

Exercise to recover

If you are first hooked on running, you want to exercise as much as possible to get in the best possible shape. It is not possible without recovery, and instead of looking at recovery as a necessary evil for you to get better. Rather see recovery as a bonus for all the training you have put in. Imagine that it is through recovery that you become a better runner.

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