Best time for running to lose weight

Running burn a lot of calories and might be an essential contributor to losing weight. What is the best time to run to lose weight?

When you burn these calories is up to you. The best time to run is when exercise is scheduled, as easy as that.

Exercise and weight loss

To lose 1 pound, you need to burn about 3,500 calories more than you get through food and drink. Running is an effective way to speed up this metabolism, and running is one of the most effective ways you can burn calories.

Aim to complete 4 hours of low-intensity jogging each week that you distribute evenly over five workouts. A study published in Applied Physiology found that participants who jogged about 20 miles each week lost weight, especially around the waist.

Run in the morning

Running in the morning makes it easier to find a time to exercise on a busy day. Running before breakfast can also speed up fat burning.

Run in the evening

If you are not a morning runner, an evening run may be a better choice. You can have smaller time limits in the evening so that you can run longer. Your muscles are more warm and flexible, and your heart and lungs are more efficient.

What is the best time to run to lose weight?

If you are running to lose weight, calorie-burning is your most important goal. Exercisers may find that evening training is better suited. Others benefit more from exercising in the morning. If you are a beginner, exercising in the morning can be more challenging because you are not warm. If you get too little sleep when you get up early in the morning to run, it may not be worth it. Getting too little sleep can lead to other challenges. Lack of sleep can prevent weight loss and even cause you to gain weight.

Exercising late can also adversely affect sleep. It raises body temperature for up to six hours, and lower body temperatures are associated with better sleep.

The fact is that you burn calories no matter what time of day you run. It would help if you exercised where it fits into your daily routine, without sacrificing sleep or other factors that make your daily routine more demanding.

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