Best training program for half marathon

Learn more about what kind of training you as a beginner can complete when you train for a half marathon and get a 12-week training program with a progressive increase in the amount of exercise.

You will find that training programs adapted to half marathons often have much of the same training as for marathons. The most crucial difference is that there is less training.

Pace ​​when training for a half marathon

What pace you have as a beginner when you complete workouts may have less focus. Run at a comfortable speed. You should be able to have a regular conversation when you run. If you fail, you will probably run with too much intensity. If you use a heart rate monitor, the intensity should be between 65-75 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Distance when training for a half marathon

The training program has training sessions that vary with anything from 5-15 km. If you do not run precisely what is prescribed in the program, there is no crisis, but try to run almost as far. Alternate between running in flat and hilly terrain, and feel free to add training sessions along the path and forest road to vary with which surface you run.

Recovery when training for a half marathon

Recovery is significant when you prepare for a half marathon. When you run long trips, you can reduce the risk of injury by resting or completing recovery training before and after the long trip this weekend.

Long runs when you train for a half marathon

It is essential to train long distances when you are going to run a half marathon. Gradually build up the length of the long trip until they have a length of 15-16 km.

Recovery training

Recovery training can be running training with very low intensity. The intensity of this workout should not interrupt the ongoing recovery process, and you may need to go jogging to maintain low enough intensity.

Walking breaks when you practice running

Walking is an excellent exercise that many runners overlook in their training. If you are tired when you run, you can take walking breaks to get back in.

Competitions When you train for a half marathon

This is not an absolute requirement, but you can run 5 or 10 km in to see your fitness level. You can use these times to estimate the half marathon’s finish time and know a little more about what pace you should keep when you run the distance.

Running a half marathon is not necessarily easy. Whether you are training to run a half marathon or a half marathon as a step in the right direction before you plan to run a marathon, crossing the finish line will give you a feeling of success.

Half marathon training program for beginners

Training program half marathon for beginners can be a starting point for the training you will complete. This is an exercise program that will be affordable for most people. Monday and Friday are rest days, and short workouts are added mid-week. On Saturday, the day before the long trip, you complete recovery training, and Sunday is a long trip.

12-week training program for a half marathon

1Rest5 km3 km5 kmHvileRest.5 km
2Rest5 km3 km5 kmHvileRest.5 km
3Rest6 km3 km6 kmHvileRest.9 km
4Rest6 km3 km6 kmHvileRest.9 km
5Rest7 km3 km7 kmHvileRest.10 km
6Rest7 km3 km7 kmHvileRest.5 km
7Rest8 km5 km8 kmHvileRest.12 km
8Rest8 km5 km8 kmHvileRest.13 km
9Rest9 km5 km9 kmHvileRest.10 km
10Rest9 km5 km9 kmHvileRest.14 km
11Rest9 km5 km9 kmHvileRest.15 km
12Rest6 km5 km3 kmHvileRest.21,1 km

On Sunday in weeks 6 and 9, you can complete a test run of 5 and 10 km, respectively, or participate in competitions.

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