Best walk-run interval

Interval training can effectively train fitness and is also both a fun and time-efficient form of exercise. Learn more about the best walk-run intervals.

Here you get tips for interval sessions for both beginners and advanced – done away in 30 minutes!

Interval sessions for beginners

Take the chance now to vary a bit – try something new. Feel free to use the terrain – run in the woods/fields if the weather allows.

Natural intervals and fartlek

Natural intervals and fartlek is an excellent introduction to interval training, with planned ascent runs and breaks, or where you run according to the approach method and use the terrain to decide when and how hard you run.

The idea is to vary between short (15-20 seconds) and longer (several minutes) speed increases and breaks, where you switch between high and low intensity. For example, select a lamppost and run towards it as fast as you can before slowing down again and letting your heart rate drop back to where you started. Then you find a new measure, preferably another length, and repeat.


5 minutes warm-up

  • You can start with twenty minutes warm-up where you let the terrain determine the intensity. Switch between short and medium intervals, and have short breaks in between. Let both intervals and breaks vary from 20 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • 2 minutes leisurely jog down / walk

As a progression, you can gradually extend the session so that the speed play is 25-30 minutes and the total length of the training is 40 minutes.

Easy intervals

Easy intervals are also known as an on / off session where you alternate between running/walking hard and cool down / walking breaks.


  • 5 minutes waarm-up
  • 8 x 2min fast walk / run with 1min break in between. Preferably walk during the breaks as well.
  • 2 minutes leisurely cool down / walk

You can extend the session to get 9-10 intervals and increase the total length to 40 minutes as a progression.

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