Best ways to train for a half marathon

Half marathons can be an affordable task for many runners. The key is to train varied and with continuity, based on your level of fitness.

Train for a half marathon

Running just over 21 kilometers will require that you have completed varied running training, where you have alternated between running with low, moderate, and perhaps hard intensity. If you aim to complete a half marathon, you do not necessarily have to do a lot of intermediate and hard intensity training. However, it will still make the implementation easier. If you aim to run at a specific time, you should, in addition to a weekly long run, alternate between interval training, pace training, and speed play, in addition to other low-intensity running training that you complete during a week.

Determine your fitness level

Be very honest with yourself when assessing your form level. It is wise to be experimental during the first few weeks of the training program. Hold back when running high-intensity sessions, and adjust the intensity and amount of exercise up or down accordingly. You should challenge yourself and push yourself during the hard training sessions. Still, it is essential that you primarily train aerobically, i.e., within the limit where your muscles manage to get rid of lactic acid. Remember that everything you do during the run-up to the half marathon will lead to progression for your form of running. What is your goal with the training will be decisive for how you will train.

Set goals

Regardless of whether your goal is “only” to complete a half marathon or run at best possible time, you must set a goal. With this goal in mind, you plan your training. If the goal is to complete a half marathon, you may need more leisurely running and long walks, and to a lesser extent, more challenging training. If the goal is to run at best possible time, you must also have more of, among other things, pace training, progressive running, and interval training for half marathons.

Exercise regularly for half marathons

If you are going to do like the top runners, you need to train regularly, preferably daily. Exercising two sessions a day is not justifiable for ordinary mortals, but exercising with several short training sessions with recovery training is possible if you have a reasonable training basis from before. Exercising with continuity is a prerequisite for you to have a steady and suitable form of development. This means that you should exercise on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Take how much you train each week as a starting point, and divide this training by how many training sessions you want to complete. At least 80 percent of the activity should be low intensity, while the remaining exercise can be moderate to hard intensity.

Training tips for a half marathon

If you train like the top runners, you should complete one long trip a week. When you carry out mass training, you can carry out one long, long run, and two shorter long trips. Depending on how much you train a week, you can have 1-2 workouts with higher intensity. Then you can complete interval training for a half marathon, pace training, speed play, and downhill training. During the period of mass training in an early phase of the training program, you may have to alternate between training speed play and pace, with moderate intensity.

Training program for the half marathon

The training program for the half marathon can have at least 12 weeks of basic training. During this period, you build up a training volume through long walks, leisurely running, and some training with moderate to hard intensity. Then you can have a period of 4 weeks of downhill training. Train 2-3 sessions with uphill intervals, one long walk, and easy rest training. Then comes four weeks of anaerobic training. Perform 2-3 workouts with an anaerobic exercise where you fully recover. It does not matter how you get over the anaerobic threshold, as long as you fully recover from these workouts. The rest of the week carries out calm running training and one long walk. The last phase before the half marathon can be four weeks, where you complete weekly test runs of 5-10 km and a test run corresponding to the half marathon no closer than four weeks before the marathon. The weeks before the half marathon, you reduce the amount of exercise. 30-40 next week, and 50-60 percent the week you will run a half marathon.

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