Calculate calories burned spinning

Spinning is a great way to burn calories. How many calories you burn depends on several factors, such as intensity and weight. Learn more about calories burned while spinning using a calorie calculator.

The average 40-minute workout will burn between 400 and 600 calories depending on these factors. How much “distance” you travel on the bike will depend on the calories. In most cases, however, a 40-minute spinning class will have a cadence of 80 to 110 revolutions per minute, equivalent to between 15 and 20 miles worth of cycling.

See the following chart to help you better guess how many calories you burn while spinning.

Weight (pounds)Time (minutes)Calories

Tips for burning more calories in spinning

Follow a few steps to increase your calorie burn when spinning.

Keep moving during the transition

Resist the urge of taking a break during a spinning class because, at this stage, it is most important to keep moving if you want to start with calories. Avoid the desire to sit down or do anything else that lowers your heart rate.

Turn up the heat

If you exercise correctly, you will probably sweat. If you spin in a heated room, you can burn as many as 1000 calories in just 55 minutes! You can increase your sweating and calorie burning by working out in a warmer room.

Increase the resistance

Increasing the resistance on your spinning bike is the easiest way to burn more calories. Try to increase it by 10 percent for every sprint, jog, and downhill, and it will help you burn 10 percent extra calories.

Push your boundaries

Use your spinning to move your boundaries. You know that training does its job if you almost feel that you can not complete the most difficult parts, but push yourself. Use a higher resistance with a slower tempo instead of less resistance and faster pedaling. They work on different things, but the first option burns more calories and pushes you more.

Stop bouncing

Avoid bouncing while spinning all the time. Bouncing puts stress on your joints and reduces calorie burning. Instead, try to soar closer to the saddle if you are riding out of the saddle, which requires the muscles to work harder and help you burn more calories.

Prepare before spinning

It would be best to prepare in advance to get the most out of your class and increase your calorie-burning during spinning. Try jogging or going to class to give your body a head start and some warm-up. Prepare by drinking plenty of water and continuing to do so while exercising; Getting dehydrated will burn you out. Also, avoid cycling while your stomach is empty. Try to have a small snack such as fruit one hour before class. Increasing your energy allows you to exert more effort and burn more calories.

Calculate your calorie burn cycling

How many calories you burn is affected by the duration of the cycling and your body weight. You can get an estimate of your calorie burn by entering your weight, cycling duration and selecting “stationary bike” (light, moderate, vigorous) on the calculator from

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