Calories burned in cycling 1 hour

Cycling at home or outdoors is rising, and reports show outdoor and home exercise as the most popular trends in 2021. But how many calories are burned in cycling for 1 hour?

We know that exercise benefits you when you lose weight by burning calories. But we wanted to find out how cycling helps you and how many calories you burn in 1 hour when cycling or cycling on a stationary bike.

Calories burned cycling 1 hour

An hour of moderate-intensity cycling (12-13.9 mph) will burn 654 calories for someone who weighs 180 lbs. The same hour of riding a stationary bike will only burn 572 calories.

Based on the speed and intensity of the trip, you can burn as little as 245 calories on an easy trip (<10 MPH) and as much as 1022 calories on a fast trip (16-19 MPH).

Calculate your calorie burn cycling

How many calories you burn is affected by the duration of the cycling and your body weight. You can get an estimate of your calorie burn by entering your weight, cycling duration and selecting “cycling” (slow, moderate fast) or “stationary bike” (light, moderate, vigorous) on the calculator from

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