Can walking make you lose weight

Walking every day to lose weight may be a slow process. To maximize weight loss benefits, you can include other exercises and combine a healthy and balanced diet. Learn how walking makes you lose weight.

How long and how fast do I have to walk to lose weight?

Walking is considered moderate exercise. Aim to walk briskly anywhere between 30-90 minutes for at least five days a week to lose weight. The total duration of walking should be more than 150 minutes per week to achieve maximum weight loss.

It is essential to make sure you keep a fast pace, covering 1.5-2 miles in 30 minutes. Make sure your heart rate reaches up to 70% of your maximum heart rate. Using a simple heart rate monitor will make it easier for you to monitor your heart rate.

If you are walking fast for the first time, start easy with maybe 10 minutes walk. Gradually you can increase the speed and duration and even try to walk uphills for better results. If possible, walk every day.

In 30 minutes, you should burn 100-200 calories, depending on your weight. Then, you can burn anywhere between 500-1000 calories per week if you exercise for at least five days a week.

What to keep in mind

You must always make sure that your calorie intake is lower than what you burn at any given time. It will contribute to a calorie deficit, and you will lose weight.

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