Chest workouts for bulking

Here you have seven of the best chest exercises to build a larger chest for all levels of weight lifters.

It is recommended to exercise the chest a maximum of 2-3 times a week, with each session lasting 4-8 sets in total.

Flat barbell bench press

The flat barbell bench press is a chest exercise performed for strength and muscle growth. This exercise is excellent for developing the chest and triceps. It is essential to set the upper back, maintain a slight arch and pull back the shoulder blades to anchor the shoulders and reveal the chest.

If you can not perform a bench press with a barbell, for whatever reason, you can choose to try bench press with barbell or floor press (with dumbbells or barbell).

Incline Barbell Bench Press

The bench press with an oblique barbell is a great movement to increase muscle growth in the upper pec and add diversity to the exercise program for the chest.

These are great for increasing the upper chest size for some lifters with flat bench presses.

Floor press

The floor press with barbells or dumbbells is a great way to develop a beginner or lifter rehabilitating their shoulders or breasts to a broader range of motion for bench press.

Lying on the floor, you can reduce some of the strain on your shoulders and load more on your chest and triceps.

Dumbbell bench press (incline or flat)

The dumbbell bench press is an alternative to address one-sided differences in strength and even increase the range of motion of the bench press.

You can develop these in the same way as a flat and tilted bench press with a barbell. You will still be sure to sit back and feel the tension in your breasts as you go down to minimize shoulder strain.

Dumbbell Flye (flat or incline)

The dumbbell fly is an isolated chest exercise that can be done from a flat or tilted bench.

The dumbbell fly can be challenging to master, as many lifters cannot put the load on the chest muscles and more on the shoulder joints.


Dips are an excellent exercise for the chest and triceps for heavy, medium, and light repetitions.

These are great for developing the lower parts of the chest and can often be supersets of isolation exercises such as flyes to increase muscle-building further.

Deficit Push-Ups

Deficit push-ups, like push-ups, are great chest exercises, but by doing them in deficit, you increase the range of motion and muscle growth.

Like dips, these are great alternatives to move from bodyweight movements to more challenging variations or pair them with other superset chest exercises to continue muscle growth.

Machine or cable flyes

Using machines is also a great way to extend drop sets, giant sets, or rest-pause sets further to stimulate new muscles and bristles through muscle growth plateaus.

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