Exercise for shoulders without weights

To strengthen shoulders is essential because it is highly mobile. Then it is precarious and prone to injury. Learn more about exercises for shoulders without weights.

Shoulder injuries are prevalent because the potential range of motion is extensive, but many people do not strengthen and work with shoulder flexibility. If there is not enough reason for you, solid and defined shoulders can create the illusion of making your waist seem smaller.

You can try the bodyweight exercises listed below to strengthen the shoulders while strengthening all the tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissue. And the good thing is that you do not even need any weights at all.

Inclined push-ups

Having the upper body higher than the lower body in this movement will recruit more anterior deltoid. Have your core is engaged, and your hips, shoulders, and feet are in a line (as in a regular push-up). You want the edge of which surface you are doing this exercise to come just below your chest (or breasts).

Plank to down dog

Plank to down dog is an excellent feature for shoulder flexibility – especially the rotator cuff. You do not need to perform this exercise quickly. Take your time. This is a warm-up exercise for bodyweight before starting your shoulder workout.

Pike push-ups

This exercise is a step toward mastering a handstand push-up and is excellent for the front and the medial deltoids. Make sure you look at your legs (not your hands) while keeping your spine neutral and your face down.

Elevated pike push-ups

Ready for the next step? Lift your legs on a stage, bench, curb, chair. The same rules apply: hold the neutral spine position, and the crown of the head points towards the ground. If you are trying to do this for the first time alone, place a pillow under your head for safety.

Prone ball wide row with rotation

Last but not least, we hit the back (rear) parts and the rotator cuff muscles. And, like the plank of a descending dog, this is not a race … slower and more controlled is better and safer! Make sure your elbows stay at shoulder height throughout the movement.

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