Exercise to do with a medicine ball

Do you need to take home training to a new level? A medicine ball may be the solution. Learn exercises to do with a medicine ball.

Medicine balls are large, solid rubber balls that weigh from 1 to more than 10 kg and have evolved from the creation of Hippocrates thousands of years ago. Due to its versatility, this concept has held up over time. A medicine ball can challenge your strength, endurance, and balance. 

Below are medicine ball exercises that are guaranteed to challenge your entire body.

Choose the right weight for the medicine ball

Choose a light medicine ball for all these exercises, especially beginners. 2-3 kg is a good starting point. A standard medicine ball or a handle for easier grip will work.

20-minute training routine with a medicine ball

Warm-up for about 10 minutes before starting this workout – brisk walking or walking/jogging on the spot will work fine. After practicing these exercises for a while, start using a heavier medicine ball to continue to challenge your strength and endurance. Combine at least five of the exercises below.

Mountain climbers

An excellent exercise to get the blood flowing is mountain climbers is a full-body movement that becomes more demanding using a medicine ball.

  • Get in a plank position with the medicine ball under your hands.
  • Keep your back and neck straight, and pull your right knee towards your chest. Extend it and immediately pull the left knee up towards the chest. Make sure you engage your core at all times.
  • Go ahead and repeat as fast as you can without going to the detriment of the technique. 
  • Work out for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat twice more.

Squat with a medicine ball

Squats with a medicine ball engage your core – especially your lower back – and challenge your stability more than a standard squat. You also work the upper back, shoulders, and arms by holding the medicine ball over your head. 

  • Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder, and hold the medicine ball directly over your head throughout the movement.
  • Squat down: Start bending your knees and push your hips back as if sitting in a chair. Continue to the thighs are parallel to the ground, and make sure that the knees do not bend inwards.
  • Push through your heels as you rise, giving your buttocks a pushup.
  • Perform three sets of 12 repetitions.

Circles with a medicine ball

Circles with a medicine ball will challenge you. Perform the exercise slowly and with control to make the movement effective.

  • With your feet shoulder apart, hold the medicine ball directly over your head.
  • Tighten your core and start moving your arms clockwise, and “draw” a circle from start to finish. Twist your waist to accommodate the movement, but keep your feet stationary.
  • Repeat 8 to 10 turns in one direction, then switch to make another 8 to 10 counterclockwise—complete three sets.

Russian twist

Make sure you rotate the entire torso to each side for maximum effect.

  • Bend your legs at a 45-degree angle in front of you, with feet down on the floor. With arms outstretched, hold the medicine ball in front of you.
  • Hold your core, twist the torso, and move the medicine ball to the right side until it almost touches the ground.
  • Return to the center. Repeat on the left side.
  • Perform three sets of 20 repetitions, ten on each side.

Side lunges

Movements from side to side are just as crucial as working front and back, and that’s why a lateral outcome is a great exercise to use.

  • With your feet shoulder apart, hold the medicine ball on your chest.
  • Take a big step to the right. When your foot touches the ground, bend your right knee and put your hips back in a one-legged squat position. Keep the left leg straight.
  • Push through the right foot and return to the starting position.
  • Perform three sets of 10 repetitions on each side.

Pushups with a medicine ball

As if standard pushups were not challenging enough – use a medicine ball! You get a deep stretch in the chest when you use a medicine ball for this exercise. And as always, you can easily pull back this pull by dropping it to your knees.

  • Start in a pushup position, and place a medicine ball underneath. In a standard pushup, you can have your elbows out more than they would, but make sure your back is not bent, and your neck is neutral.
  • Complete a pushup. Roll the medicine ball to your left hand and repeat.

Single-legged deadlift

Ground lifting with one leg challenges your stability while insulating one leg at a time to help you with any imbalances you may have.

  • Stand with your feet together, and the medicine ball is held straight in front of you.
  • Keep your right leg slightly bent, bend your hips so that your torso falls forward, and stretch your left leg straight behind you. Make sure your back is straight, your core is tight, your hips are square to the ground, and your neck is neutral.
  • With the torso parallel to the floor, return upright.
  • Perform three sets of 10 repetitions on each side.


This exercise aims at the lower back and buttocks, demanding. Putting the weight of a medicine ball in the upper body increases the challenge.

  • Start exercise on your stomach with your arms stretched out over your head.
  • Grab a medicine ball and your toes pointing at the wall behind you. Make sure your neck stays neutral throughout this movement.
  • Engage your core, using your back and buttocks muscles to raise your upper body and legs off the ground as high as possible.
  • Pause a bit at the top and return to the start.
  • Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.

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