Exercise to make breast smaller

Breast development occurs throughout a woman’s life. Some women may consider larger breasts as a cosmetic resource. However, large breasts can come with various discomforts, including back and neck pain.

Other factors may also affect breast size. These include:

  • pregnancy
  • obesity
  • medicines
  • genetics

Home remedies

Some choose surgery to reduce their breast size to avoid discomfort and increase mobility. However, there are less invasive options for reducing breast size that you can try at home.


Regular exercise can help lose breast fat and strengthen the muscles under the breasts to reduce their size.

Because the breasts contain a lot of fat, the focus on cardio and high-intensity exercises can help lose weight faster and target problem areas. Aerobic activities – such as stair climbing, cycling, and power walking – can speed up your metabolism and help you lose body fat.

Strength training exercises such as pushups can also tone the chest and change the appearance of the breasts. Pushups can tighten the chest muscles to reduce the overall size of the chest. However, strength training and targeted exercises alone will not reduce breast size. Some activities can make your breasts appear more prominent without cardio or a full-body workout.

It is recommended to exercise for 45 minutes at least four times a week.


Your diet plays a role in the amount of fat you store in your body. Total body fat will contribute to breast size. Maintaining a balance between exercise and a healthy diet will optimize weight loss and reduce breast size.

Lean meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables help burn fat outside of regular exercise. Eating less processed foods and sweets will help you lose pounds faster.

Green tea

Green tea is a natural remedy known to promote weight loss. It contains several antioxidants and can increase metabolism to burn fat and calories. Drinking green tea can also increase your energy.


Like green tea, ginger can help stimulate metabolism and burn excess fat throughout the body. Drink it as a tea three times a day to speed up your metabolism and increase weight loss effects.


Especially omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for brain function, lowering blood pressure, and regulating hormones, crucial for breast reduction since an imbalance in hormones can trigger growth.

Flaxseed and fish such as salmon and tuna contain many omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, our body does not naturally produce any nutrients we need to thrive. We need to get them from eating foods high in these substances.

Have flaxseed with water or add it to your food. You may also be able to find non-dairy flaxseed milk and ground flaxseed egg substitute at your local health food store.

Egg whites

Aging and weight loss can cause your breasts to sag over time. Sometimes this can make your breasts appear larger than they are. Another way to reduce breast size is to improve skin tone. Try an egg white mask to give the breast skin back elasticity.

Beat three egg whites until they form a foam, then apply it to the breasts. Let the mask work for 30 minutes, then remove it with warm water. When it starts to dry out, you may notice a natural tightening of your skin. However, this is temporary as the egg whites flake off or are washed away.

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