Fartlek training on a treadmill for beginners

Learn more about how to practice fartlek training on a treadmill, to become a faster and more enduring runner.

Practice fartlek training on a treadmill

Fartlek on a treadmill can be effective training for runners at all levels, especially for beginners who want to train more with higher intensity. Fartlek is adequate training and a fun and straightforward form of speed training that can make it easier for you to get started with other forms of interval training. Fartlek involves switching between running with low and high intensity over short or long distances. How often you alternate between varying the pace and how long can be random in that you can let your form level or daily form determine how often you enter ascent runs and how long these last. The fartlek can also be more structured by defining the length of time of the ascent runs and the easy running between each interval.

How to practice fartlek on a treadmill

Before you start, you can set up the treadmill by 1-2 degrees to compensate for the lack of air resistance. It is also essential that you compensate for the lack of kick when you train on the treadmill. You can do this by combining running outside with running on the treadmill. Toe lifts in stairs or ribs can also be practical training to strengthen the calf muscles when you train a lot of running on a treadmill.

First, decide if you are going to run a structured or unstructured fartlek. For beginners, it can be wise to start with unstructured fartlek because it is a much more accessible form of fartlek, and you can carry out ascent runs according to how you feel. It can make training more manageable and more motivating. After an easy warm-up of 10-15 minutes, you can complete the first speed increase. The duration of the ascent runs can be adapted to the shape level but can have a length of anywhere from 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes. Adjust repetitions according to the total length of the training session. Fartlek on a treadmill is good to train through the winter, as it is cold and dark outside and can be the training you carry out with high intensity as part of your basic training.

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