Foods less in carbohydrates

Low carb foods include meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and natural fats, such as oils. Learn more about foods less in carbohydrates.

Foods less in carbohydrates

Meat: Beef, pork, lamb, game, poultry. 

Fish and seafood: Salmon, sardines, or herring are good and can even have health benefits due to large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid breading.

Eggs: All kinds of eggs: Boiled, fried, scrambled, omelets. You may want to choose eggs from free-range hens, if possible.

Natural fats: By using butter and cream for cooking, low-carb foods can taste better and make you feel fuller and happier. Olive oil is also a good alternative.

Vegetables that grow above the ground: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, eggplant, olives, mushrooms, cucumbers, avocados (technically a fruit, but usually included with vegetables), onions, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, other leafy vegetables. These are the lowest on carbohydrates. However, if you follow a keto diet (<20 grams of carbohydrates per day), you may need to limit your portions to certain types, such as peppers and Brussels sprouts.

Dairy products: Feel free to choose high-fat alternatives such as sour cream, Greek / Turkish yogurt, and high-fat cheeses, which can help you be full and satisfied. 

Nuts: Great for a treat (in moderation).

Berries: OK with moderation, if you do not need to be super strict with carbohydrates.


Water. Water is the best drink.

Coffee. Black, if you aim to lose weight. 

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