Good cardio workouts for weight loss

What are good cardio workouts for weight loss? Learn more about how to do cardio with running to lose weight.

What are endurance and cardio training?

Endurance in this context is your ability to run with relatively high intensity over a long period. You will build up your stamina or aerobic capacity through varied ways of exercising. Your aerobic capacity is the ability where the muscles are constantly supplied with enough oxygen and manage to get rid of lactic acid when exercising with higher intensity. You should increase your aerobic capacity through varied forms of cardio training, and a large part of the training must be aerobic. Cardio can be running with low to moderate intensity to increase your aerobic capacity.

Cardio with low to moderate intensity to lose weight

You can do low-intensity cardio to lose weight. Exercise with low intensity can increase fat burning to lose weight. Running over a more extended period will improve this metabolism. It will help you gradually deplete your glycogen stores when you run long distances. The less glycogen there is to burn, the more fat the body will burn. Fat takes much longer to metabolize than carbohydrates, which means that you eventually have to slow down when you run out of glycogen. If you keep a low pace with low intensity, you will still keep it going for a long time. If you exercise with moderate intensity, you will still have good fat burning but burn more carbohydrates than fat. Running with this intensity can still be effective because, with higher intensity, you will burn more calories, in addition to fat burning.

Cardio training to lose weight

The best cardio training you can perform is to alternate between varied training where you run with low, moderate, and hard intensity. Let the main emphasis of the training be carried out with low intensity and have a weekly long run that gives the fat-burning a proper boost. The remaining exercise should be with moderate to hard intensity. Also, this exercise can help you lose weight.

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