Good running time for 5k

Learn more about using a running calculator that shows the percentage achieved by age when running 5 k.

What is a good running time by age for 5k?

Age is, not surprisingly, essential for the time you want to spend on 5k and other distances, and that’s how it is. If you struggle with motivation, when you see that you run slower and slower at 5 km as you get older, you can use a running calculator, which shows how good your time is as a percentage of the very best in the world in the distance.

Enter the age, gender, distance, and time you spent on the distance (All fields must be filled in. ‘0’ if there are no values in the fields hours, minutes, or seconds).

A 52-year-old man who runs 5 km in 10 minutes has an achievement rate of 73.83 percent, which is not bad at all!

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