Good workouts for shoulders and back

You get a lot of opportunities to train your shoulders, but building back muscles requires more attention. Learn more about good workouts for shoulders and back.

Sure, your back muscles are at work when you stand, but challenging them with resistance requires movements you do not do every day. How often do you row a boat, for example?

Exercises to build shoulder and back muscles

Rowing is an excellent way to build back muscles. You have a variety of rowing machines that mimic the rowing movement. You sit in a rowing boat in rowing machines and pull a pole attached to weights towards you. This movement also requires you to push against a bar with your legs. Some rowing machines allow you to sit and pull a bar towards you and only train your back muscles.

The lat-pull-down machine requires pulling a bar down behind your back and training the lat muscles.

One-arm dumbbell rows are a safe, easy exercise to develop shoulder and upper back muscles. Place the left knee and left hand with the left arm fully extended on a bench. Make sure that the spine is almost parallel to the floor. Lift a manual with your right hand, holding your forearm by your side. Use a weight to repeat this movement 10 to 15 times. Alternate with the other arm.

The shoulder pull works the deltoid muscles at your shoulder. Hold a barbell, a manual in each hand, and then on your shoulders. Shoulder pull may sound simple, but you will feel that your muscles get tired very quickly with enough weight.

When should you stop lifting weights?

The answer is, you should never stop lifting weights! While weightlifting has long been associated with bodybuilders and athletes, it is essential for slowing down the loss of muscle mass. Even older people – 100 years or more – benefit from lifting weights.

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