Heart pain running

You are halfway through a run when a sudden pain hits you right in the chest. What happens? Learn more about chest pain when running and possible causes.

Although it is frightening to experience chest pain while running, it can signal a range of problems from severe to not severe.

Chest pain that occurs while running can have several causes. It is essential not to ignore pain. Not all chest pain while running is cause for concern.

Chest pain or pressure in the chest during exercise can occur in exercisers and top athletes. Possible causes can range from harmless to life-threatening, so it is crucial for anyone exercising to determine when chest pain during a run can be a potentially serious problem such as heart disease or asthma.

Here are the five common causes of chest pain during a run, as well as what to do if you have pain.

You are a beginner

Starting to run can be physically stressful. Training at a speed or intensity that your body is not used to can be painful.

Heavy breathing during a run can be painful at first, but it usually disappears with regular exercise. Any new exercise program you are considering should be approved by your doctor first.

You have cramps in the chest muscles

The muscles around your chest can also be prone to cramps when you run. This pain is usually easy to locate, which means you can generally put the finger on exactly where it hurts. Try drinking water and change your breathing pattern to do something about this.

You have heartburn

Running puts a lot of pressure on your digestive system, and the increased tension in the abdomen causes the muscle at the bottom of the esophagus to relax, leading to heartburn. Try to avoid all foods that are spicy or fried, and steer clear of coffee just before exercise.

You have a lung condition, like asthma

Some lung problems can trigger pain while running, and the most common of these is asthma. Medication can help prevent an exercise-induced asthma attack, and a rescue inhaler should always be available during a run if you have asthma.

You have heart diseases

You know that the harder you run, the harder your heart has to work. However, if your coronary arteries – which carry blood to the heart, constrict, the insufficient blood supply can cause chest pain when you exercise.

Physical exertion can also lead to a heart attack (an acute coronary artery blockage) or an arterial rupture. Call 113 if you experience accelerating and worsening pain in the chest aggravated by intense activity.

If you suspect that something is wrong, the best thing you can do is book an appointment with your GP.

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