High energy foods before running

Learn more about what kind of high-energy foods you can eat before running and how long before running you should eat.

High energy foods before running

What you eat before you go out for a run can have a significant impact on your performance. You can especially notice this if you are going to train long runs or carry out running training with higher intensity. You do not necessarily have to eat before you run, and usually, you will have glycogen stores that give you enough energy to complete running with moderate intensity for 90 minutes. In some cases, you may still want to eat something before running, among other things, to avoid feeling hungry while exercising.

What you can and should not eat before running

If you eat right before you run, you should eat easily digestible foods and quickly absorb them into your system. This is important because when you start running, your body will digest and absorb the nutrients you have in your stomach. If you have eaten food with a high fat or fiber content, your digestion must work hard to digest the food, hurting your stomach. Foods you can eat right before exercise are slices of bread with lean toppings and bananas. Make sure you do not eat bread that is too coarse. Foods before running that you should steer clear of are foods high in fat and fiber. You should also avoid eating dairy products before running. Fat takes much longer to digest carbohydrates, so if you eat fatty foods before running, your body will burn off this, which can give you trouble with your stomach. Eating high-fat foods can also make your performance worse, especially if you are going to exercise at a higher intensity. When you exercise at high intensity, your body needs carbohydrates quickly burned in your muscle cells. It is not possible with fat burned slowly, which can cause you problems maintaining a higher speed during exercise.

Foods before running

You can do it well without eating first if you run in the morning unless you exercise longer than 90 minutes, and that is what very few people do. If you need to eat something, eat a banana. Otherwise, the rule should be that you eat foods with a high glycemic index, are easily digestible, and are quickly absorbed into your system. Steer clear of fatty and high-fiber foods.

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