Highest calorie burning exercise

If you want to burn the most calories, you might want to start running. Running burns the most calories per hour. Learn more about the highest calorie-burning exercise.

But, there are other calorie-burning exercises such as HIIT training, skipping rope, and swimming. You can do several activities according to what you want to exercise and your fitness level.

Several factors may influence how many calories you will burn, including:

  • tempo
  • intensity
  • your weight
  • your height

Highest calorie-burning exercises

The table below includes the best calorie-burning exercises. They burn the most calories per hour. Remember that the calories listed are an estimate. Your exact calorie burn depends on intensity, duration, and weight.

Exercise/body weight125 lbs155 lbs185 lbs
Water polo566703839
Circuit training480596710
Jump rope453562671
Stationary bicycling420520622
Rowing machine420520622
Aerobic dance396492587
Swimming (casual)396492587

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