How exercise helps with stress

Stress is not harmful as long as you have the opportunity to recover. Learn how exercise helps with stress.

However, if you are constantly stressed, you risk developing physical and mental symptoms that make you ill. The best medicine for stress is physical activity. But how do you train to find peace?

Physical activity against stress

One way to prevent stress is by being physically active. A lot of research shows that physical activity makes you calmer, more prominent, and happy while building a better resilience to stress.

Physical activity releases hormones that create a better balance between the body’s “gas” and “brake.”

A common misconception is that you have to train hard and often to affect the activity positively. In fact, for a stressed person, this type of exercise is not optimal. Then it is better with easy activities, such as going for a walk. The most important thing about physical activity is that it is done regularly.

Avoid high-intensity training

When you have a lot of stress in your body, high-intensity exercise is not recommended, making the body more stressed. Training is pressure for the body, but we train the body’s systems to handle stress better in a positive sense. It is therefore crucial that the training itself does not become a new moment of stress.

A quick walk 4-5 days a week provides a reasonable basis for the body’s stress handling.

Go for walks and do yoga in the treatment of chronic stress

Research shows that a daily walk of 45 minutes is a sound basis in treating chronic stress. In addition to this, you can often supplement with strength or balance training a couple of days a week. If you can not go for a long walk, you can divide it into smaller sessions but leave each session for at least 10 minutes to take effect.

High-stress levels can trigger both physical and mental disorders, including cancer and depression. This emphasizes the importance of getting help when one has entered a state of chronic stress.

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