How long does exercise take to lower blood pressure?

Your blood pressure levels depend on the medications you use and how you follow your doctor’s treatment plan prescribed for you. How long does it take for exercise to lower blood pressure?

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure develops when your heart pumps blood through narrowed or blocked arteries with more force as blood is pumped with more power, the pressure on the walls of your arteries increases, leading to severe damage to your entire body.

Systolic blood pressure – the highest number in a blood pressure measurement – is the amount of pressure the blood exerts on your artery walls with each heartbeat. Diastolic blood pressure is the blood pressure on your arteries between beats when the heart is at rest.

Overexertion of the heart can result in hypertrophy, overgrowth of muscles, and heart failure.

How long does exercise take to lower blood pressure?

Suppose you have severe symptoms of high blood pressure. In that case, your doctor will probably get you admitted to the hospital, where you can get medication that can lower your blood pressure almost immediately, but this is not a good long-term strategy.

Most medications you will receive to treat your blood pressure will work gradually over time. Some people change the levels of various essential minerals or electrolytes – such as sodium or potassium – in your body. Others, such as beta-blockers, can lower your heart rate and reduce the workload on your heart. Over time, this can also lead to a reduction in blood pressure.

Lifestyle factors can increase your blood pressure – including obesity, a high-salt diet, and smoking. Changing the risk factors contributing to high blood pressure is another strategy commonly used with medications to lower blood pressure and prevent further cardiovascular disease.

Lower blood pressure without medication

While many people use medications to lower blood pressure, lifestyle changes are usually recommended. While lifestyle changes alone may not cure high blood pressure, they can improve the effectiveness of your medications and help you avoid further complications. Eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising are good ways to prevent high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, but they can also help treat these problems.

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