How long should you do cardio

Whether you love or hate it, cardio is essential in any exercise program and good health. Learn more about how long and often you should exercise cardio workouts.

Running improves sleep quality, benefits brain health, stabilizes blood sugar, and strengthens the knees. Being aware of how much endurance training you need, both as a beginner and for the more experienced, can increase your chances of sticking to a long-term training routine and reaping the health benefits.

How often should you do cardio exercises?

It does not take much to achieve the benefits of cardio training. Just ten minutes of running per week can boost your mood. But to do the recommended weekly cardio, you need more than just 10 minutes of running per week.

But first, you need to make cardio a habit. It is recommended that adults receive 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week. For beginners, it may be best to complete this activity in short sessions. Doing more than 300 minutes of cardio a week can lead to more significant benefits for your brain, cancer prevention, and heart health.

Start with 10 minutes of brisk walking daily. It’s easy, but the most challenging part is doing it consistently. Once you become comfortable with this, start gradually increasing how much you walk from week to week.

If you do not like walking or running, you should consider other options such as rowing, cycling, swimming, or additional strength and flexibility training forms. The most important thing is to find an aerobic activity you enjoy.

Once you have built up to about 25 minutes of brisk walking or other daily activity, you have reached the minimum recommendation. Once you have built up a habit and exercise consistently, you can take a step further to increase your cardio workouts even further. Then you can alternate between walking and jogging and gradually increase how long you jog and walk less until you manage to jog continuously without walking.

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