How many calories are burned jogging for 30 minutes

Do you not have time to exercise today? Think twice. Only 30 minutes of jogging can have significant benefits for short-term and long-term health.

Jogging for 30 minutes is guaranteed to burn between 200-500 calories, and it is a significant step towards your goal of losing weight. Whatever your goals and priorities, extra calorie burning is an advantage.

Burn more fat

Studies show that running for only 15-30 minutes will start the metabolism and burn a little more fat. On a shorter jog, the body will use fat as its primary source of power instead of carbohydrates.

After intense physical activity, your body enters EPOC mode (surplus consumption after exercise), where it uses the energy from fats and carbohydrates to restore its state before exercise. EPOC can last from 15 minutes to a total of 48 hours, so 30 minutes of running can give you higher fat burning for two days.

Faster recovery

If you keep the jog for 30 minutes, it is doubtful that you will get congestion, which means a much lower risk of injury. As long as your warm up and cool down to recover, your body will feel lighter and more rested the next time you go out and exercise.

If you usually jog longer distances, it can be much better for your body to add a 30-minute jog to your workout routine.

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