How many calories burned swimming for an hour

Calories burned when you swim depend on what kind of swimming, effort, speed, distance, duration, gender, weight, and skills. How many calories can you burn when swimming for an hour?

Because many vary with different strokes and intensities, it is difficult to calculate the exact number of calories you burn.

In general, the faster you swim, the more calories are burned in 1 hour. If a 150-pound swimmer swims one length more per minute, the swimmer will burn 102 more calories in 30 minute period but burn half a calorie less per length. This happens because the swimmer swims more efficiently.

How many calories per hour for a person weighing 150 pounds

  • Swimming with moderate effort: 272 calories
  • Swimming in ocean, river, lake: 408 calories
  • Swimming with moderate to light effort: 476 calories
  • Backstroke: 476 calories
  • Crawl / Freestyle, swimming 50 yards per minute: 544 calories
  • Side strokes: 544 calories
  • Synchronous swimming: 544 calories
  • Fast swimming: 680 calories
  • Breaststroke: 680 calories
  • Butterfly: 748 calories
  • Fast crawl/freestyle: 748 calories

Factors that can affect calorie burn when you swim

Your weight will affect how many calories you burn, whereas heavier people burn more when they do this same exercise. A 100-pound person burns third fewer calories, so multiply that number by 0.7; A person of 200 pounds burns a third more, then multiply by 1.3.

Because most people cannot complete the butterfly for very long, crawling or freestyle is the most effective swimming exercise. Then you will burn between 540-750 calories in 1 hour.

Fun fact

Elite swimmers have a 5% higher fat percentage than elite runners, even though elite swimmers burn the same and sometimes even more than elite runners.

Regardless of skill level and weight, women usually burn fewer calories than men due to the higher fat percentage. They stay naturally liquid without having to burn extra calories.

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