How many calories can I burn jumping rope

Jumping rope is a form of cardiovascular training that everyone swears by, whether boxers, football players, or world-class athletes. Learn more about many calories you can burn jumping ropes.

A good jumping rope routine for weight loss burns more calories per hour than any cardio type. Jumping rope exercise not only burns fat but also tightens the core, builds endurance, tones the legs, and improves lung capacity.

Jumping rope exercises to lose weight, and the number of calories burned, are highly affected by how much time you spend jumping and your speed. But if you do it right and eat the right kind of food, you can lose a lot of weight.

How jumping ropes makes you lose weight

If you are new to jumping rope, let us walk you through it: 

  • Start by standing straight and strong, legs shoulder-width apart, and place the skipping rope behind your legs.
  • Use your hands to pull the rope forward in one motion, moving your hands slightly up so that the jumping rope falls between your ankles and knees. You may want to practice this action a few times to get an estimate of where the rope will land before trying to climb over it.
  • Notice how long it takes for the jumping rope to swing, so you can raise your knees together and climb over the skipping rope as it goes over your head. Notice how many times you can move the jumping rope under your feet without stopping. This move will require practice, but eventually, it will come to you automatically. And before you even know it, you want to jump rope like a pro.

Jump rope training for weight loss

The best and most effective way to get the most out of skipping rope training is to incorporate it into high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Here is a training routine you can follow while combining rest periods and high-intensity training effectively:

Step 1: Jump the rope straight for 30 seconds, which can be more complex than it sounds. Take a break for 60 seconds, then jump for another 30 seconds. Repeat this set 9 times.

Step 2: Jump in the rope continuously for 30 seconds while alternating with your feet, practicing moving the weight and tightening the core. Relax for 90 seconds between repetitions. Repeat this four times.

Step 3: Finish the exercise with a combination of a skipping rope. Do 30 seconds of rope jumping; pause for only 12 seconds before performing 30 seconds of jumping. Relax for 12 seconds and incorporate burpees in 30 seconds. Relax again and finish strong with 30-second push-ups.

How many calories do skipping ropes burn?

Rope jumping can burn up to 15 to 20 calories every minute. On average, you can quickly burn 200 to 300 calories by exercising with the skipping rope in just 15 minutes. So if you want to know how long I should jump on the ropes to lose weight, then you have your answer.

Also, compared to running, which is considered a great way to burn fat and lose a significant amount of weight, jumping can help you burn 25% more calories per minute.

Calculate your calorie burn when jumping rope

How many calories you burn when jumping rope is affected by the duration of the jumping, how fast you jump, and your body weight. You can get an estimate of your calorie burn when you go uphill by entering your weight, walking duration, and selecting “jumping rope” (fast, moderate or slow) in the calculator below.

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