How many calories do you burn in a 30 minute walk

It’s not all about running; Walking for 30 minutes every day can be an affordable way to lose weight. But is walking 30 minutes every day enough?

Walk 30 minutes every day to lose weight

Walking for 30 minutes can burn 100-200 extra calories, depending on pace and body weight. Some of these calories can also come from fat, which is good news to lose weight.

If you want to have the best possible effect concerning calorie burning, there are ways you can increase the intensity when you go for a walk.

Vary your walking

Walking in areas with hilly terrain can help increase calorie burning. When you go uphill, your heart rate will increase, and you can burn more calories. If you find it challenging to walk uphill, you can alternate between walking comfortably and more intensely. Eventually, you can walk up the entire hill with higher intensity.

Practice short intervals, where you walk at a higher pace and jog for shorter periods. You can have intervals of 1 minute to increase the speed and alternate between walking easy in between. You can repeat this interval training for 30 minutes.

Switch between multiple routes as you walk. Walking different trails during the week makes the exercise more varied. Variation can also contribute positively to your weight loss goals and form development. Have simple and more demanding courses you can walk.

After a while, you can jog for shorter periods. Alternate between walking and jogging for 30 minutes. Substitute between 3 minutes jogging and walking intervals. Eventually, you can jog at longer intervals and shorten the periods you walk.

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