How many calories do you burn on the treadmill

It’s time to get in shape, and your goal is a firmer, slimmer body with more muscles. Also, to lose weight, you know that you need to eat healthier. Learn how running on a treadmill will increase how many calories you burn.

Regular workouts are key

Treadmill running will help you build muscle while you lose weight; You can burn between 500-750 calories per hour.

The more intense workout, the more energy you will use. But it’s not all about the intensity of the training. It’s about setting aside time regularly. It is better to stick to 3 workouts a week than 5 one week and only one the next.

Treadmill interval training

Alternating intense workouts with a less intense activity (like walking) to burn the extra fat. Scientific studies have proven HIIT intervals as one of the most effective ways to burn calories. With interval training, you burn fat even more after the workout. Start with 1 minute of intense activity, then 2 minutes of recovery, and gradually decrease in breaks between intervals.

Treadmill inclines

By increasing the treadmill’s incline, you will burn even more calories. Gradually work your way up to a steeper ascent, giving yourself time to adjust your breathing and keep your heart rate steady.

Recovery is crucial

Rest on days when you feel tired. On such days, you rebuild your muscles and become a faster and stronger runner.

Balanced and healthy diet

Have a balanced and healthy diet, and you increase the likelihood of losing weight when you combine it with regular exercise on a treadmill. Also, remember to stay hydrated during training and always have a water bottle within reach.

Vary your training

Optimize the overall program by varying your workouts. Set different goals; interval training, endurance workouts, “hill-climbing” (increase the treadmill’s incline). Switch between other training sessions according to your wishes and how you feel on a given day. Remember: exercising should be fun! Do not repeat the same exercise over and over again.

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