How many calories does 15 minutes of HIIT burn

By including high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, in your exercise routine, you can cut down on time you spend exercising while getting a good workout. How many calories do 15 minutes of HIIT burn?

These exercises can quickly burn 150 calories or more in fifteen minutes.

Butt kick with arm circles

Kick your heels, one foot at a time, to your butt as if you were running in place. At the same time, place both arms to the side and rotate them in a circular motion.

This compound exercise will help you begin to increase your heart rate as you stretch your lower body, engage the core and get some blood flow to your arms.

Jumping squats

Drop into the squat with your hands out in front of you. When jumping your feet together, place your hands on your hips to help you balance. Keep jumping into a squat position and get as low to the ground as possible.

Force your weight into your heels as you squat to engage your hamstrings and glutes.

Ski jumping

The ski jump is a compelling body exercise that keeps your heart rate going. When you jump to the left with your left foot, you kick your right foot behind your left. At the same time, reach down with your left hand to knock on the floor. Repeat this movement on the right side and continue jumping from left to right. Keeping your hips and back low will train your core and target your lower back muscles even more.

Jumping lunges

Begin in the prone position by returning with one foot and dropping the knee to the ground. Have your arms in a running position and accelerate as you jump into the air. As you jump, swap legs and land with the opposite leg behind you, and your knee falls to the ground. Continue in this bouncing motion, staying low at all times to feel the burning.

High knees

Run your knees towards your chest. Stick your hands straight out and try to tap them with your knees. This exercise will get your heart rate up!

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