How many calories does running stairs burn?

Calorie burning is an essential component in any weight loss process. No matter what you eat or exercise, the pesky pounds will not go away if you burn more than your intake. Running stairs may be one way to burn more calories.

While exercise and diet are the two most commonly mentioned ways to guarantee effective weight loss, various little tricks and adjustments accelerate the melting of extra pounds. One of these life hacks is to take stairs instead of the elevator at every opportunity.

How many calories are burned per staircase? Does it make a significant or negligible difference to your weight loss success?

Calories burned Climbing stairs: METs

Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) is determined by how much energy your body uses during a specific physical activity. One MET is defined either as 1 kcal per kg body weight per hour and corresponds approximately to the energy you use to sit still or in the form of oxygen uptake, where 1 MET corresponds to 3.5 ml per kg per minute. This number is standardized to be used effectively by different people.

  • Walk slowly, less than two mph – 2.0 MET
  • Gardening, list – 2.0 MET
  • General house cleaning – 3.0 MET
  • Walk fast, three mph – 3.3 MET
  • Heavy gardening – 4.0 MET
  • Cycling, informal, less than ten mph – 4.0 MET
  • Dance (ballet or modern) – 4.8 MET
  • Cycling, 10–16 mph – 6–10 MET

How many calories are burned by walking up a flight of stairs? On average, the MET for walking up stairs is 4.0, a moderate number, but it is twice as high as walking or standing. Climbing stairs helps you burn a few more calories, melt extra pounds, and tone up.

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