How to do tempo runs

Tempo runs for beginners. Learn how to practice tempo runs to become faster and more enduring in the distance you have in mind.

Tempo runs to get faster.

Tempo runs can be practical speed training for beginners who want to build up speed and become faster runners. Tempo runs will get you running at a higher pace over a more extended period.

This article will learn more about practicing tempo runs and tempo intervals as part of your training program.

Tempo intervals vs. tempo runs

It is common to distinguish between tempo intervals and tempo runs without breaks. If you have little or no experience with tempo runs before, you may want to start with tempo intervals. If you are used to running longer intervals, you can begin straight to tempo runs without breaks.

The intensity when you run tempo will typically vary between moderate to hard intensity, and the tempo intervals will typically have higher intensity since there are breaks between each interval. Tempo runs without breaks can be run with a slightly lower intensity, but it depends on how long they are.

How often you should complete pace runs

As a beginner, you should alternate between tempo runs and tempo intervals because interval training is shorter at a higher speed, while tempo runs are longer with lower intensity. If you train in this way, you will be faster through interval training and keep a higher pace over a more extended period through the tempo runs. Suppose you are in the training phase, where you train specifically for the distance you will run. In that case, you can train tempo and interval training if you have two sessions of moderate to hard intensity. Interval training and tempo run every other week if you prepare with higher intensity once a week.

Tempo intervals for beginners

Tempo intervals can be intervals that have a duration of between 5-10 minutes. How long the breaks should be will depend on how long the tempo intervals are and your fitness level, ranging from half the time it takes to run the interval or more.

Examples of tempo intervals may be that you run 4 × 5-minute tempo intervals with a 2.5-minute break between each interval. Perform the intervals progressively, increasing the intensity within each interval and from one interval to the next. Be sure to walk or light jog to avoid stiffening. End the tempo intervals with 2-3 ascents to increase blood flow so that slag substances are transported away from the muscles more quickly. Then you can cool down for 1-2 kilometers, in the end, to loosen up the muscles.

Try to increase the length of the tempo intervals gradually. As a beginner, you can increase the length of the tempo intervals until you run intervals lasting 7-8 minutes. If you manage to do that, you are ready to train tempo runs without a break.

Tempo runs without a break

Tempo runs without breaks can have a duration of anywhere from 10-40 minutes, depending on the purpose of the training and the distance you train for. As a beginner, you can start by running 1 × 10 minutes without a break. Try to perform the tempo runs progressively to increase the intensity from low to moderate and end the last 30-90 seconds with hard intensity. Then you can gradually increase how long you train your tempo runs. Remember that the tempo run can be performed comfortably hard, and if you have problems completing the entire tempo runs without breaks, you are most likely driving too hard.

Tempo runs at a competitive speed

Do you aim to run a certain distance? Then the pace you intend to keep during the competition can be effective training to simulate what it will be like to run at that speed during competition. Perform tempo runs as described above, and try to keep the pace you intend to keep during competition. If you do not possess the desired speed, you are most likely not well enough trained to control the speed, and you need to build up momentum gradually through speed training to become fast enough.

Tempo runs for beginners

Tempo runs are practical training that can make you faster and keep a higher pace over time. You should be used to training intervals of a certain length before embarking on tempo runs. Otherwise, this way of training can be demanding both physically and mentally. Increase the length when running tempo intervals and gradually increase how long you run with the desired intensity. Eventually, you move on to training tempo without breaks.

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