How to exercise while on periods

Does the thought of exercising while you have your period make you want to retire your sneakers for good? If you are worried about how your period will affect your exercise routine, you are not alone. Read on.

For many reasons, many people skip workouts at this time of the month. But there is no reason to skip exercise just because you are menstruating.

Benefits of exercising during menstruation

Exercise’s physical and mental benefits do not stop just because you are menstruating. Sticking to a routine can help alleviate some of the common ailments of menstruation.

That said, avoiding exercise will not save energy or make you feel better. Instead of stopping all activity during your period, try some new workouts.

Reduce symptoms

Regular aerobic exercise can reduce fatigue and mood swings during your cycle.

Use your endorphins

Because exercise gives you a natural high endorphin level, it can elevate your mood and make you feel better. One of the benefits of exercising while menstruating is the endorphin release and “high” exercise. Since endorphins are a natural painkiller when released during exercise, you may feel relief.

Experience more strength and energy

The first two weeks of the menstrual cycle (day one is the first day of your period) may allow you to experience more significant gains in strength and power due to low levels of female hormones.

Improve your mood

Strength and conditioning trainer and founder and CEO of BIRTHFIT, Dr. Lindsey Mathews, said that training at this point would improve your mood and increase circulation. Exercise also relieves cramps, headaches, or back pain associated with menstruation.

Fight painful periods

If you are experiencing painful periods, also called dysmenorrhea, you know all too well how uncomfortable this time of the month can be. The good news is that easy walking exercises can help you reduce these symptoms.

The best exercises to do during menstruation

The first days of menstruation can be the most uncomfortable, especially if you tend to bleed a lot during this time. Then, focusing on gentle movements and exercises should top the list of activities.

You are varying your workouts during this week. The best training during your period is the one you want to do. Menstruation can be an excellent time to reduce your training intensity.

Easy walking or other light cardio

Keep cardiovascular or aerobic exercise at a lower intensity or go back on the amount you do. Consider light cardio, walking, or shorter seizures with aerobic exercise. Research supports the idea that your lungs work better later in the cycle, so consider keeping that type of exercise until the end of your period.

Including low-volume strength training and power-based activities is a smart move and is a great time to do longer workouts that involve a mix of strenuous strength work and cardio.

Yoga and Pilates

The two to three days until menstruation is a great time to participate in activities such as yoga, which can help relax the body and potentially reduce symptoms such as cramps, breast tenderness, muscle fatigue, and soreness.

If you do not experience discomfort after your period, feel free to continue your regular exercise routine. Just pay attention to the adjustments your body makes during this time. If you notice that your body is not performing as it usually does, give yourself a break and reduce the intensity.

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