How to gain speed in running

Whether you are new to running or are more experienced, everyone wants to improve their running speed in competitions and beat their personal best. Learn how to gain momentum in running.

We can not all be Usain Bolt, but we can include different types of training to increase our total times, whether we run for fun or in a race.

Many runners experience reaching a training plateau and struggle to increase their running speed. To increase the speed, you have to run faster actively – you will not improve your running times by just doing the same types of long, slow, endurance-building jogs that you have always done.

So try using the following five methods to improve your running speed and see how your running times improve.

Interval training

Interval training is a method used by runners to improve speed. Try this interval training on your local track:

  • Set the stopwatch and sprint at 95% of maximum effort, covering 200 meters down the course before stopping
  • Wait and recover until your heart rate drops below 120 bpm, then repeat
  • Do 10-15 repetitions

Interval training helps to improve running speed by gradually increasing the body’s efficiency in removing lactic acid from the muscles. Over time you will be able to run faster longer.

Add sprints to your long runs

Sprints in long runs are beneficial for long-distance or ultramarathon runners to increase the pace per mile gradually. The method is simple enough once you have calculated your average speed per kilometer or mile.

For example, if you know you have an average of five minutes per mile, try increasing your speed in the last minute of each mile to increase your average pace.

Jump rope exercise

Using a skipping rope can play a significant role in making you a faster runner. Jumping forces you to move your feet quickly while keeping your core and upper body strength. Quicker feet can make you a faster runner everywhere, and jumping also helps engage fast jerk muscles. You can also introduce different jumping routines into your workout to keep it enjoyable.

  • Complete one minute of standard back-to-front jumping, jumping about 6 inches from the ground
  • Rest for 15 seconds
  • Complete one minute of slalom jumping, where you jump about 6 inches from the floor.
  • Rest for 15 seconds
  • Complete one minute of running-jumping, running in place, and ensuring that the rope passes under one foot at a time
  • As your confidence grows, add other jumping exercises as well.

Build your strength

Although runners certainly do not want to “bulge up,” adding some basic weight training to your routine will make your body more robust and more powerful and able to move forward at speed. Regular running strength training exercises include:

  • Weighted outcomes
  • Plyometric box jumps
  • Jumping squat
  • Burpees
  • Press-ups

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