How to get faster in swimming

How to get faster in swimming? Here are some simple tips to help you focus and energize your workout.

Quality over quantity

You do not get faster by just swimming more. You get faster by swimming well more. The swimming speed is determined by approximately 80% technique and 20% fitness. So it is crucial that your technique, or swimming economy, is good if you want to be a fast swimmer.

It is worth getting some lessons from a swimming or triathlon trainer, or you can send the trainer some videos above and below the water. If you can, continue to take classes every few months to make corrections and track progress. If you can not continue with lessons, continue to video yourself so you can criticize the battle on your own.

Frequency over volume

Swimming twice a week is good for maintaining the swim while swimming three (or more) times a week is suitable for improvement. Three swims at 2,000 yards each are better than two at 3,000 yards each, first because you swim more often (fewer days out of the water), which will help maintain the feel of the water. You will also feel less tired during the shorter sessions, which will help you maintain a better shape.

Love the sport

To begin with, not everyone loves to swim, but you will probably never reach your potential for swimming if you do not learn to enjoy it. If you enjoy swimming, you will work harder while in the water, and you will be less likely to miss workouts.

Drills, drills, and more drills

Each new exercise will feel challenging and complex the first time you do it but keep at it. The drills will make you faster. It will help improve the balance and feel of the water – and improve your technique.

Kick it

Becoming a skilled kicker is also crucial for being a fast swimmer. The kick drives you through the water and helps balance the stroke. It is essential to learn an effective, strong kick to become a competitive, fast swimmer, and this will require many kicks during the training sessions.

Work different energy systems

Just as we do for cycling and running, it is essential to work with different energy systems in the water, aerobic work, threshold work, and VO2 work at other parts of the season. Swimming for an hour can be good for building endurance. It is not ideal for improving swimming speed or raising the threshold or VO2-max. If you do several short, fast exercises per week, be sure also to do some workouts that focus on aerobic endurance.

You can also determine your weakness by swimming different distances at the best sustainable effort and seeing how your speed compares to the distances. If there is little difference between the speed of 50 and 800, it is time to work a little with VO2. Start adding more aerobic endurance work if you have high top speed but father on the more extended sets.

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