How to swim faster in breaststroke

How to swim faster in breaststroke? Getting an excellent breaststroke is not easy. Learning all the significant types of swimming comes after you have mastered the basic skills of swimming.

How to swim faster in breaststroke

  • Float on the front with your face in the water, and stretch your body as long as possible. Keep your hands together.
  • Keep your legs extended and stretch your toes. Bend slowly at the knees and bring the feet towards the bottom. Bend your ankles to point your feet outward, then kick back and down slightly and pinch your feet together.
  • Have your head in the water and stretch your arms out in front. Turn your hands with thumbs pointing up, and pull your hands together in a small circular motion in front of your shoulders. Turn your hands, pointing your thumbs down with both hands pressed out and around.
  • Lift your head to breathe when your arms begin to come together, extend your arms and return your head to the water to exhale. Breathe every stroke: “Pull, Breathe, Kick, Glide.”

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