Is it best to eat before or after you workout

What is best, eat before or after exercise? It all depends on how much and how hard you are going to exercise. Learn what works best for you!

Food before exercise

What you choose in terms of eating before exercise depends on how long and with what intensity you exercise. Strictly speaking, you can do without food before training, but you are dependent on the nutrition you can get through drinking after 90 minutes of exercise with moderate intensity. If you usually eat the evening before, there is nothing to prevent you from exercising the following day before eating breakfast. If you are hungry before exercising, you should still have some food that is easily absorbed. Even though you probably have enough energy, it is still not comfortable to exercise when you are hungry.

Food after exercise

After exercise, you must replenish your glycogen stores and get enough protein and healthy fats. Depending on how long you have been exercising and intensity, you need to get enough carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. Right after exercise, you can eat a banana and an apple to start the process of replenishing your energy stores. A few hours after a workout, you eat a slightly larger meal, eating whole grains, chicken, pasta, or vegetables. If you have trained hard, you must get your proteins to start the recovery of muscles. This is very important to speed up recovery so that you recover faster.

Fast energy before training

Fast energy before exercise is obtained by eating healthy foods such as bananas and apples. You can also eat a slice of bread with jam on it. Steer clear of sugary drinks, including juices. Also, avoid dairy products just before you exercise, as they can give you stomach problems.

Eat before running

As we have mentioned before, you can run on an empty stomach, but to do so if you are hungry may not be so wise. Then you should have fast energy food before training. If you need to eat before a run, you should also not eat heavy, fatty meals. Your body will immediately start burning what you have in your stomach, and if you have eaten fatty foods, it can cause stomach pain.

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