Normal body fat percentage for male

Learn more about an average fat percentage for men and how you can calculate your fat percentage with a fat percentage calculator.

Normal fat percentage men

The overview below shows the fat percentage of men based on age and shows the percentage of body weight for underweight, average weight, overweight, and obesity.

AgeUnderweightNormal WeightOverweightObesity
20-39 årUnder 8%8-19%19-25%Over 25%
40-59 årUnder 11%11-22%22-28%Over 28%
Over 60 årUnder 13%13-25%25-30%Over 30%

Fat percentage calculator to estimate the fat percentage for male

The fat percentage calculator estimates fat percentage for men based on age, height, and weight. There is also a fat percentage calculator that calculates the fat percentage on neck and waist measurements. Enter your data to calculate your fat percentage.

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