Planks exercise how long

Planks are one of the best strength exercises for the core muscles, which are the muscles that support the spine. For how long should you exercise planks?

So not only do you get tight abdominal muscles that give you an excellent and well-trained stomach, but you also get to stabilize the spine and train the deeper muscles that hold the abdominal cavity well in place.

We recommend our readers to do the plank exercise because, in a short time, you get excellent training of the entire core muscles that beats many other activities.

How long should you exercise planks?

The plank is surprisingly hard, and therefore it lasts three times one to three minutes. It will be difficult for most people to lie down longer because you start to slacken with your body – and then it is better to interrupt the exercise. If you are adamant, then the world record is 4 hours and 26 minutes.

If you have never taken the plank before, do not despair. It’s easy to do: lie down on the floor and rest your weight on your forearms and toes. Tighten your muscles and lift your body slightly so that you stand stiff as a plank from head to ankles.

Get the most out of planks

You get the most out of it if you continuously adjust the difficulty level instead of just standing longer and longer, as many people tend to do. The plank exercise you choose must not be so tricky that you hang in the lower back or so easy that you are not sufficiently challenged. If it is too hard, you can injure your back, and if it is too light, you will not get stronger from standing there. If, on the other hand, you adjust the load so that it always fits your level, the plank is a great exercise that allows you to soon say goodbye to the countess’ pendant and good day to both a strong stomach, more muscular shoulders, and tighter buttocks and thighs.

REMEMBER! Avoid holding your breath. Otherwise, the muscles will not get enough oxygen.

Find the plank that suits you.

Check which board you should bet on. It should be so complicated that you can barely manage three sets of 60 seconds. If you exercise three times a week, you will quickly see results.

Planks for beginners

Rest on your knees and lay with straight arms. Pull the navel in tightly. This plank is the lightest since you only lift a small part of your body weight. If it is too soft, you can raise your legs so that you only rest on your knees.

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