Recovery after running a marathon

Running a marathon will be a massive strain on the body, and how you recover afterward will be essential to reduce the risk of injury.

Recovery time after a marathon

What you do in the weeks after you run a marathon can be the difference between whether you get injured or not. The pain after a marathon can be vague and diffuse. This can signify an upcoming injury, and you need to take it easy to prevent injuries. The recovery time consequently varies from individual to individual, and you have to consider how long you need. Take it easy after running a marathon! It would help if you took the time to recover after a marathon.

Recovery after running a marathon

You should recover 3-4 weeks after the marathon, maybe longer, and mainly carry out easy exercise during these weeks, preferably alternative workouts.

Recovery the week after the marathon

Resting 2-4 days right after the marathon, or have 1-2 short walks during the rest of the week.

Recovery 1-2 weeks after a marathon

Start by walking for 30-45 minutes the week after a marathon. You can jog for 30 minutes in the second workout and finish with five ascents with moderate intensity. End this week with jogging 30-40 minutes with very low intensity.

Recovery 2-3 weeks after the marathon

Have a 50-minute recovery workout. The following workout can be a five × 2 minute interval with moderate intensity. 2 minutes break between each interval. Cool down. The last workout this week can be easy running for 60 minutes.

Recovery after the marathon

Continue the recovery period after three weeks if necessary, depending on how your legs feel like. If you feel like it, you can resume regular training, but remember to gradually build up the amount of exercise and intensity as the body becomes stronger.

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