Recovery time after half marathon

You have just run a half marathon, and what are you going to do afterward? The answer is recovery. Learn more about how long you should recover.

Recovery after a half marathon is as important as the preparation, and the week after the race can be crucial for your overall health. With plenty of rest, proper hydration, and light exercise, you should achieve effective recovery.

Day one after the race

Recovery after the half marathon begins the moment you cross the finish line. The most important thing is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink water and drinks that contain electrolytes because your body will most likely be deficient in them.

It would be best if you also ate pretty soon after crossing the finish line. Consuming fast-digesting forms of carbohydrates, such as sports drinks, fruits, biscuits, and bread, as well as protein is essential.

A study looked at several recovery strategies after a half marathon. The researchers concluded that the first 24 hours after the race, immersion in cold water, and massage are the most beneficial recovery strategies, although they noted that the effect is limited.

Day 2 and 3

Your muscles need to recover from physical exertion by running more than 20 km. Keep hydrating and make sure you eat well-balanced meals that are high in fiber and protein. This period is about replenishing lost energy stores with vitamins and nutrients and continuing to let your muscles rest.

Day four and five

Start day four with light exercise that promotes blood flow to the legs. Exercise is recommended because it can encourage the use of muscles that you have not used while running. Continue to consume plenty of water and healthy foods during this time. If parts of the body are numb and tender, plan a deep tissue massage.

Day six and seven

Muscle soreness from a half marathon should begin to subside after day six, and you may feel your body begin to return to normal. It is important to remember during this time that your body is still in recovery mode, and you should resist any urge to increase your workouts too quickly.

The rule of thumb is to take a rest day for every mile you run, so for a half marathon, you can plan to give almost two weeks for a full recovery. Day six and seven, and the entire second week, should be about gradually introducing your body back to moderate amounts of exercise while giving your body time to rest.

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