Running high intensity interval training

HIIT interval training can be laborious interval training with short breaks until you are completely exhausted, but it does not have to be. Learn how to run high-intensity intervals.

What are HIIT intervals?

HIIT intervals are a way of exercise aerobic endurance. You alternate between short intervals with high intensity and “breaks” with moderate intensity. You maintain HIIT intervals until you are too exhausted to continue. These intense workouts usually last under 30 minutes, with times varying based on a person’s fitness level. The duration of HIIT interval training will, of course, depend on the intensity of the intervals.

An easier variant of HIIT training

HIIT intervals can be challenging, which is certainly not suitable for everyone. Even with a short duration, this can be too hard training. A kinder variant of HIIT intervals can be to run the intervals progressively faster so that you get gradual habituation physically and mentally to running HIIT intervals. Increase the intensity gradually within each HIIT interval and from one interval to the next, running at maximum intensity for a shorter period. Maintain short breaks. Instead of continuing with the intervals until you are completely exhausted, you hold back. When you are done, you should not be totally exhausted.

Training HIIT intervals can help shorten the recovery time and reduce the risk of injury. Exercising progressive HIIT intervals gives your muscles more time to get warm. The effect will probably also be better when you give your body enough time to get used to running with hard intensity.

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