Running warm up exercise

Learn more about running as a warm-up exercise when you prepare for strength training and activities with higher intensities.

Running as a warm-up

Running is a common form of warm-up, regardless of whether you train strength, endurance, or other forms of exercise that require warm-up in advance. You can do the warm-up outside or on a treadmill. Although the warm-up should be with low intensity, you can gradually increase the intensity if you train with higher intensity after the warm-up.

Easy running as a warm-up

Low-intensity running is usually performed with 60-70 percent of the maximum heart rate and low muscle and cardiovascular load. You must take it easy, at least in the first part of the warm-up. Then, finish with some ascent runs. During the warm-up, increase the intensity slightly. How long you plan to warm up depends on what kind of activity you plan afterward. Warm-up before strength training requires easy running for 10-15 minutes.

Warm-up ascent runs

Ascent runs are accelerations of about 100 meters, starting with an easy jog and gradually building up the speed to about 85-90 percent of maximum speed. Then slowly reduce your speed before stopping. The duration should be about 20-30 seconds. Remember that uphill runs should be short and that you run fast for only a few seconds. The ascent runs should not be too demanding. You must be relaxed when you run uphill. You can perform 3-5 ascents towards the end of the warm-up to increase the intensity and prepare the body for a higher load.

Running as a warm-up

Running as a warm-up can be effective regardless of what you practice afterward. You get the temperature up relatively quickly, so muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments become flexible and warm. Warm-up with running should generally be easy, but you can speed up at the end to accustom the body to a higher load afterward.

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