Stair climber exercise benefits

We should not overlook the health and fitness benefits for stair climbers. While stair climbers are best known for their prey-forming benefits, they are better strength training for the whole body than you might imagine.

Stair climbing is also a reliable way to achieve weight loss goals for similar reasons. Oh, and exercise can also make you a better athlete.

Stair climbing lights up the lower body in all the right places

You can work through a range of motion at the hip and knees, which can benefit your glute muscles as well as the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Stair climbing engages your core muscles

Although stair climbing is known for its benefits, it only works on the lower body. As long as you stay upright and do not use your arms to support you by holding on to railings, your core must come into contact to keep you stabilized.

It is a super good cardiovascular exercise

It is one of the best low-intensity cardio exercises available. Studies show that stair climbing significantly improves VO2 Max, or the volume of oxygen your body can use while exercising.

Though, the benefits of the treadmill are much more significant than for the stair climber. You have your feet on the same pedal and lift your legs, pressing down on the pedal on a stair climber.

It is accessible on the joints

Stair climbers can be an excellent alternative for older or recovering from injury. Stair climbing is relatively ineffective compared to other fitness exercises such as running, HIIT, or jumping training. Stair climbers do not exert as much force on the ankles, knees, and hips, which can help them stay healthy over time.

It also benefits your legs

Although stair climbing has low impact, it is still a weight-bearing exercise (as opposed to, for example, swimming), which means that you reap the benefits of healthy bone density. Stair climbing can help your legs stay strong without putting too much pressure on them, joints, or connective tissue.

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