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Exercise with chest infection

You have developed a healthy exercise program and are determined to stick to it - until you catch a cold. Most common colds are not bad enough to keep you from moderate exercise, but exercising with chest overload is different.

Should I exercise when I have a cold

To exercise or not exercise? For someone who has a common cold, that is often the question. Should I exercise when I have a cold? While it may make you feel good on a regular day to go through a run or a salsa class, it may not seem the best idea when you have snuff and coughs. It is essential to be flexible with the training routine. Colds and exercise Research has shown that it is safe to...

How soon to exercise after flu

Recommendations for returning to exercise after respiratory infections, such as the flu, cold, or bronchitis, are vague. One main reason is that each person's response to illness varies. But here is a general advice.

Can I exercise while sick

Although there is no doubt that exercise plays an essential role in health, many people wonder if exercising while they are sick will help or prevent recovery. Can I exercise when sick?